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Smart Engine Program

N1 Smart Engine Program


  • N1-Smart Engine Program shoots right to the heart of the problem with traditional maintenance programs – You pay for the things you don’t use
  • N1-Smart Engine Program offers the coverage for unscheduled events, scheduled events, and even catastrophic failure – at a fraction of the price
  • No buy-in >>> Full coverage from day one and fully transferable
  • Proven experience and backed by an industry leader
  • An extension of our fleet family, not a service opportunity

N1’s Experience: People And Technology

OEM Factory Trained Mechanics:
Lead Mechanic – 20+ Years at Phoenix MRO/OEM
Lead MRT Mechanic – 15 Years with OEM and Channel Partners
6 Other Mechanics with combined 100 years experience

Events Scheduled for 2018:             Quantity
2,000 Hour Inspections                               53
4,000 Hour Inspections                               10
8,000 Hour Inspections                                 0
12,000 Hour Inspections                             12

Total Events Lifetime:                         Quantity
2,000 Hour Inspections                                  86
4,000 Hour Inspections                                  66
8,000 Hour Inspections                                  48
12,000 Hour Inspections                                 9

Distribution of Challenger Engine Maintenance Programs

HTF7000 Engine Life Cycle Experience

N1 Managed Fleet:

34           Challenger 300’s           (68 HTF7000’s)
11            Challenger 350’s           (22 HTF7350’s)
12            Legacy 450’s/500’s      (24 HTF7500’s)

Spare                               (1 HTF7000’s)

114 HTF7000 Family of Engines with combined 680,000 + Flight Hours; increasing at 100,000+ Flight Hours per year

Comparison: Engine Maintenance Programs

Excessive Fees and Coverage Includes:

• Rental Engines you may never need
• Third Party Maintainer’s Profit
• Rebates/Credits from Third Party
• Authorized Service Center License
• Life-limited parts 30,000 Hours
• On-Condition Engine
• Worst Case Failures estimated over 40 years
• Coordinating costs between OEM/Provider
• Subsidizing Large Fleet Operators with low OEM Rates

Typical Savings Profile

“The Right Choice” For Engine/APU Maintenance Plans

Contact Information

Steve Ness
Director, Sales & Marketing
602-606-8844 (office)