N1 Engines | What Materials Are Used in a Turbine Engine?
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What Materials Are Used in a Turbine Engine?

What Materials Are Used in a Turbine Engine?

Chances are that, if you’re an aviator, you know a lot about the plane you’re flying. If you’re a passenger, however, you may not know as much. And does anyone think regularly about the materials used in a turbine engine? It takes a lot to build one of these high-powered modern marvels.


Materials Used in a Turbine Engine

The turbine itself is made of a nickel-based superalloy. Air from the outside is circulated through the channels within the turbine blades. They can be a limiting component of turbine engines because of their taxing role in the process: pulling energy from high-temperature and high-pressure gas that is produced by the combustor. In fact, blade fatigue is a major source of failure in turbine engines. The superalloys provide for a much stronger, more durable surface.

Superalloys are also used in the combustion chamber, for many of the same reasons. Sometimes, other materials are mixed in, including tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, ceramics, or ceramic-metal blends.

The compressor is an alloy of nickel, cobalt, or iron. Aluminum, titanium, chromium, or rare earth elements such as yttrium may be added to this mixture.

The casing of the whole engine is usually aluminum or a polymer matrix material.


Servicing Your Turbine Engine

One of the important components of appropriately servicing a turbine engine is, of course, knowing how it’s built and what materials were used to build it. At N1 Engines, we have extensive experience in engine repair. We even keep extensive inventory onsite so we can take care of your aircraft quickly.

To ensure you’re always safe and ready to fly, we offer a complete FAA-certified clean and inspection line for engine parts. And all of our inspections and repairs comply with FAA and EASA standards. We know how important it is for your aircraft to be safe and working, and we do our very best to maintain your aircraft to the best of our ability.

If you need aircraft or turbine engine repairs and service, trust the professionals at N1 Engines. We’ll keep you in the air.